Cloud (SaaS) solution

Our cloud (SaaS) solution, which we meticulously manage, encompasses the following features:

  • A single-tenant cloud that ensures high security and optimal performance through HTTPS, dedicated hardware, and a separate database.
  • Support for multiple time zones.
  • The ability to readily engage and collaborate with customers and project partners worldwide.
  • Free upgrades included in the service.
  • Scalability according to your needs, from just 1 user to thousands.
  • Zero system administration required on your part!Zero system administration required on your part!
  • Integration with your corporate Active Directory for seamless functionality.


The Cloud solution includes a Browser edition that doesn’t need to be installed on any clients or servers. Work on any device, anywhere (PC, Mac, iPad, or other tablets). 

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    FAQs – SaaS solution

    Doc Sheets is a powerful requirements management system. It is

    • Affordable Enterprise Software
    • Easy to use
    • Easy to learn

    Upgrades are free for the SaaS solution (Browser Edition that we host).

    You may order at the order page by using credit Card.
    To order via purchase order (P.O), check, or wire transfer, please contact us.

    We will email you a download link within 12-24 hours once your order is received (paid for by purchase order (P.O.), credit card, check, or wire transfer).