Application Life Cycle Management

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In Control with Doc Sheets

Goda Software’s DocSheets provides solutions to the complicated problems of application lifecycle management. Doc Sheets allows requirement definition, design, testing, and project management. You can adapt to changing customer needs quickly, effectively, and without losing focus with DocSheets. 

DocSheets offers a straightforward, easy-to-use solution that eliminates the high (and costly!) learning curves associated with competing solutions. It is simple to administrate and configure, and it can be implemented without causing project delays, unlike more complex technologies. Its full life cycle support can be seamlessly integrated into your project.

Requirements Management

DocSheets offers an intuitive, flexible, affordable, and robust solution for managing requirements. Our platform is designed to streamline your project’s lifecycle, ensuring that all requirements are accurately captured, organized, and tracked through to completion.

Key Features Include:

Requirements Import from Word and Excel: Seamlessly transfer your existing requirements documents from Microsoft Word and Excel into DocSheets, simplifying the transition to digital management.

Hierarchical Classification of Requirements Types: Organize your requirements into a structured hierarchy, making it easier to navigate and manage different categories and types of requirements.

Unlimited Custom Attributes for Requirements: Customize your requirements management with an unlimited number of attributes, allowing for detailed specification and categorization tailored to your project’s needs.

Traceability Across Artifacts: Establish and maintain a clear traceability matrix that links requirements to test cases, bugs, and other project artifacts. This ensures full visibility and control over the project lifecycle.

Effortless Report Generation: Utilize our drag-and-drop feature for grouping, filtering, and sorting to generate comprehensive and working reports with ease.

Custom Document Generation: Create custom documents using our user-friendly document editor, enabling personalized reporting and documentation that meets your project requirements.

Traceability & Change Management

DocSheets understands that implementing and managing changes in a planned and systematic fashion can be vital to the success of your projects. With this in mind, DocSheets automatically maintains all versions of your entered requirements and changes. You can revert to any version of a particular requirement with a single click. The Change Management feature also allows you to generate a report on your requirements change history at any time, making it simple to view the timeline and history of your changes.
Doc Sheets includes trace, impact and gap analysis tools.

Effective Testing

In an era where technological advancements set new benchmarks daily, customers’ expectations for bug-free, fully functional software have never been higher. This demand for products that precisely meet requirements highlights the critical role of software testing as an indispensable phase before release.

DocSheets: Revolutionizing Software Testing with Seamless Integration and Insightful Traceability

DocSheets empowers users to effortlessly link test cases to both user and system requirements, offering a new level of coherence and visibility across the development lifecycle. With DocSheets’ advanced Traceability feature, users can swiftly ascertain the impact of any requirement change on associated test cases. This capability enables you to:

  • Analyze and understand the ramifications of changes in higher-level requirements on the subordinate ones.
  • Execute a variety of traceability reports to assess changes from multiple perspectives—be it business, application, or a broader, global view.
  • Validate your systems with precision, ensuring that your software not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards expected by today’s users.


Auto Test Case Generation: Harnessing the Power of AI for Streamlined Testing

DocSheets revolutionizes test case creation by integrating the power of ChatGPT to generate test cases automatically. This innovative approach not only saves valuable time but also enhances the accuracy and relevance of test cases to your specific requirements. Whether it’s for user stories, use cases, or any other requirement, DocSheets simplifies and accelerates the process by:

Providing the capability to generate test cases automatically, leveraging the latest in AI technology.

Ensuring automatic linking of requirements to the generated test cases, thus maintaining a coherent and traceable development process.

With DocSheets, you gain a partner in achieving excellence, ensuring that your software testing is not just a phase but a gateway to delivering exceptional software that meets your customers’ evolving expectations.

Customization to Your Needs

Generally speaking, our best work is usually accomplished when we can work according to our own preferences and needs. That vision is incorporated into every version of DocSheets.

For example, this tool enables users to specify attributes and customize views, which is useful for defining artifacts. DocSheets provides a standard template that defines views for requirements, user stories, backlog, test cases, bugs, issues, releases, and more. The template can be customized and saved as a new template for reusing across projects. There are no restrictions on configuration.

With DocSheets, users may also define custom prefixes for artifacts. For example, You can use REQ as a prefix for requirements and TST for test cases.

In addition, users may customize all reports and documents per business and reporting needs and save all customized settings while controlling access with customizable user groups.

Project Control and Collaboration

Global Teams & Collaboration with DocSheets

DocSheets stands out for its scalability and affordability, making it ideal for teams of any size, anywhere in the world. It supports multiple time zones for seamless global collaboration.

Efficient Collaboration without Conflict
DocSheets enables teams to work concurrently on various projects, ensuring productive collaboration free from conflicts, facilitated by its advanced concurrency control.

Secure Access Management
Security and control are paramount in project management. DocSheets delivers robust access control features, allowing managers to assign specific access rights to project components, safeguarding projects from unauthorized access and ensuring only authorized personnel can make changes.

Agile and Traditional Project Management
Gantt Charts: DocSheets offers Gantt charts for a visual overview of project timelines, aiding in the management of tasks and dependencies. This tool is effective for both Agile and traditional project management methods.

Kanban Board: The Kanban board feature supports Agile project management by providing a visual tool for tracking task progress, allowing for real-time adjustments and promoting team efficiency.

DocSheets bridges the gap between Agile and traditional project management, offering versatile tools that cater to different management styles. 

Release Management

Whether you use an Agile or non-Agile process, with Doc Sheets, you can manage releases along with other project artifacts. You can also share requirements among different releases. Doc Sheets’s release management provides estimation and tasks management that allows clients to deliver products on time and budget.

Doc Sheets’s integrated functions enable a seamless flow of development, testing, releases, and systems maintenance. Moreover, it’s easy to assess the impact of requirements and other artifact changes on releases.

Release managers can schedule and manage releases effectively and efficiently, with information about all project-related artifacts at their fingertips.

Technical Benefits

There are many reasons to choose Doc Sheets for your application lifecycle management:
  1. Built-in encryption for secure data transfer – lockdown your proprietary information.
  2. No limit on scalability – use with 1 to 1000s of concurrent users and unlimited large projects.
  3. Hassle-free deployment, with zero configuration.
  4. Zero administration tool comes with an embedded enterprise database.
  5. User-friendly interface with customizable skins and resizable fonts.
  6. Fits within your budget: no sticker-shock here, a truly manageable cost.
  7. Floating licenses enable installation to any number of users/machines.
    Web-based training and onsite training are provided.

Manage Change Automatically

Manage change effectively by using integrated change and configuration management tools that include user access control, automatic history tracking, artifact locking, artifact deactivation, and the automatic creation of project baselines that support incremental development.

Manage Files and Documents Seamlessly

Doc Sheets provides a central repository to manage and share project files and documents with your team.

Interface with Other

Doc Sheets enables the round trip exchange of data with various files and tools.

Check the benefits of Doc Sheets here.