Change Management

Implement and manage changes in a planned and systematic fashion

Doc Sheets understands that implementing and managing changes in a planned and systematic fashion can be vital to the success of each project. With this in mind, Doc Sheets automatically maintains all versions of entered requirements, test cases and other artifact changes. This means that users may revert back to any version of a particular requirement, test case, or other artifact, with a single click.

The change management feature also allows users to generate reports of artifacts change histories at any time, making the task of viewing the timeline and history of changes simple.

requirements management tool with change management

Change Requests

Users can manage change requests within the same framework – providing full control for the change management process. You are able to quickly respond to change requests with an integrated change management process.


Manage change by setting auto-notifications for item changes (like text or attribute values). Users may review the notifications in the built-in message center.

Impact Analysis

Full graphical and tabular traceability is provided with drill-down to lower levels for impact analysis of changes. A change in an object, such as a user requirement, automatically flags directly and indirectly linked objects (e.g., test steps) as suspect, to be re-evaluated.

Doc Sheets’s powerful Traceability feature allows project managers to study the impacts of requirement changes, a pro-active management tool with far-reaching implications for your business future. You can generate data on and examine the impact of change on lower level requirements succeeding changes in higher level requirements. You can run different traceability reports which allow you to evaluate the change from different perspectives, business, application, and global.


Doc Sheets also provides a baselining feature for maintaining snapshots of data.

Effective baselining is vital for efficient and thorough change management.  Clear and thorough baseline practices provide a way to compare changes and improvements and to clearly understand the consequences of specific strategies and actions.  With clear and established baselines, users are able to anticipate potential problems, to define requirements for the future, and establish a plan that will lead to positive and long-lasting results.

Specific Baselining Features:

  • The ability to baseline data items (requirements, use case, test cases, etc) and repository files.
    The ability to compare baselines.
    The ability to create a difference report for different baselines as well as a baseline to current.
    Change Management Reports

Change Management Reports

Doc Sheets provides several change management reports for controlling your projects. They include:

  •  Baseline Reports
  •  History Reports
  •  Impact Analysis Reports
  •  Gap Reports

 Clear-Suspect Reports