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Doc Sheets is a life cycle and requirements management software that is easier than using a spreadsheet or word. It allows managing artifacts (such as requirements, test cases, tasks) with total traceability, version control, and collaboration features. This multifaceted tool provides innumerable benefits and competitive advantages that no other resource can offer.

TheWebAppMarket calls Doc Sheets, the most user-friendly and affordable business lifecycle and requirements management platform you need in 2022

The United States, August 09, 2022: TheWebAppMarket calls Doc Sheets  the most user-friendly and affordable business lifecycle and requirements management platform  you need in 2022. Doc Sheets is simpler and can be scaled to fit projects of any size, in contrast to spreadsheets and other solutions for requirements management. For current and post-release project management, you can use Doc Sheets to build and deploy products and record client requirements, use cases, user stories, backlogs, test cases, defects, and more. 

Compared to a spreadsheet, the programme is far more user-friendly and adaptable and simpler to tailor to your needs. The traceability procedure is significantly simplified by Doc Sheets, which also has capabilities for gap and trace analysis. Project teams can easily manage the entire process, i.e., traceability of requirements, test cases, tasks, and other objects, with the help of Doc Sheets. 

The programme enables data interchange between files and programmes (Word, Excel, Json). JIRA is integrated live in Doc Sheets to quickly and automatically create reports (specification documents, summary, history, gap reports and more). To efficiently manage your modifications, utilize automatic versioning, baseline, and effect analysis. Using concurrency control and ad hoc workflow tools, your hybrid and local teams can communicate from any location.


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Doc Sheets Receives Project Management Solution Recognition From Trusted B2B Review Platform

project management software rising star

Doc Sheets scores a prestigious award from a leading software review site for its remarkable performance as a comprehensive project management solution.

FinancesOnline, an excellent review platform for software, presented Doc Sheets with a Rising Star Award, in recognition of our software’s amazing reputation among customers online as well as our growing user base. This award is strictly given only to software that has achieved swift market validation in less than a year after launch.  

The criteria for the award include Doc Sheets’s online presence, number of positive reviews, channel feedback, and other digital proofs of user satisfaction. Expert reviewers from FinancesOnline published a detailed Doc Sheets review which gives us an overview of Doc Sheets’s features, benefits, and technical details of software, along with its support options.

The review highlights Doc Sheets’s capabilities as a project management solution with robust business life cycle and requirements management tools. One of the things the reviewers highlighted is Doc Sheets’s easy-to-use project specification management. With this feature, you can easily leverage the combined capabilities of both your spreadsheet and your document processors. This makes reporting, tracking requirements, and completing projects more organized. 

FinancesOnline praised Doc Sheets’s advanced reporting and rich traceability tools, which allow project teams to easily manage the end-to-end traceability of project requirements and other items. You can effortlessly create project artifacts, share items with other team members or projects, and easily control and track versions of each project. Doc Sheets also includes an unlimited database where you can store all your files. 

The review also mentioned Doc Sheets’s solid collaboration tools that are perfect not just for in-office workers but also for hybrid and remote teams. Doc Sheets’s online database can make files easily accessible to all employees. With this feature plus cross-platform capabilities, your team can work anywhere as long as they have a working device and internet connection.

Lastly, FinancesOnline praised Doc Sheets’s change management features. With Doc Sheets, users can automatically track changes and even choose to roll back to an earlier version of a file if they wish to. This is very useful for businesses where documents usually undergo several processes and are handled by several different people before they reach the final stage.

All the features mentioned merited Doc Sheets a spot on FinanceOnline’s exclusive list of best user experience software products. As a life cycle and requirements management software, Doc Sheets makes it incredibly easy to create project artifacts and keep traceability organized.

Doc Sheets would like to express our gratitude to FinancesOnline for acknowledging our software and including us in their award lists. This recognition from our peers further motivated us to improve Doc Sheets as a project management solution to make business life cycle management easy and efficient.

Additionally, we’d like to thank our customers who continually use Doc Sheets for their business needs. We promise to continue working hard to better our tool and provide you with the best business life cycle management solution. We look forward to working with you more in the future. 

Doc Sheets has become one of the best lifecycle and requirements management tools

Doc Sheets is one of the most popular requirements management tools that has made lifecycle management faster and more straightforward compared to cumbersome spreadsheets, Word, and other tools. With Doc Sheets, you can manage and track artifacts such as test cases, requirements, and tasks with complete version control and traceability. No other requirements management tool in the market can match this comprehensive platform’s benefits and competitive advantages. 

One of the world’s most effective requirements management tools, Doc Sheets added several new features for systems analysts and business analysts. The new features include automatic document generation with a table of contents and automatically converting existing word documents into Doc Sheets.

Doc Sheets provides solutions to the complex problems related to project management, requirement definition, design, and testing, as well as application lifecycle management. With Doc Sheets, you can quickly, effectively, and without losing focus, adjust to changing user requirements.

Goda Software, the company behind Doc Sheets, has been providing enterprise lifecycle and Requirements Management Tools for companies of all sizes globally.

Doc Sheets is a one-of-a-kind requirements management tool. Some of the features of this software are as follows:

  • User-friendly interface
  • One can auto-import documents from Word documents and spreadsheets, and this helps save time for the user.
  • The software enables auto-generation of documents with TOC.
  • It is highly versatile software suitable for any methodology and process.
  • Learning curve for the users will be non-existent.
  • The users will find it easy to deal with large projects.
  • The software boasts superior performance and a high-security level.
  • Using this software, one can work from anywhere with a PC, a Mac, or a tablet.
  • Automated change management is present.
  • There are tools available for gap, traceability, and impact analysis.
  • One can easily migrate from the document process to Doc Sheets.

Doc Sheets is one of the top Requirements Management Software that customers with different budgets can use. It is affordable when compared to the other development tools available on the market for clients.

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About DocSheets:

Doc Sheets is a life cycle software made by Goda Software. It is more user-friendly than a spreadsheet. Full traceability, version control, and collaboration tools make managing artifacts (such as requirements, test cases, and tasks) possible. Doc Sheets is widely useful for software development with agile and non-agile processes, medical devices, product development, workflow analysis, strategic planning, and more. No other resource can compare to this complete tool’s advantages in terms of benefits and usability. Doc Sheets provides a simple, user-friendly solution that does away with the steep and expensive learning curves associated with other tools. You can easily incorporate its full life cycle support into your project.

Goda Software Launches Doc Sheets – A Modern Project Management Software

MANASSAS, Va. – Dec. 21, 2021 –  As modern project management is becoming complex with evolving requirements and remote teams, Goda Software has developed Doc Sheets, a project management and requirements management software to help project managers manage projects efficiently. Doc Sheets is a powerful yet easy-to-use software that can help every business, regardless of the sector and industry. Doc Sheets is much more affordable than any other requirements management and lifecycle management solution on the market that costs way too much.

While most companies struggle to manage requirements and projects with numerous spreadsheets, word processors, and other tools, Doc Sheets makes a difference by combining every beneficial aspect into a single software.

Doc Sheets is scalable from small projects to large projects with 1000s of concurrent users. Doc Sheets is helpful for requirements management and also complete lifecycle management. Doc Sheets makes requirements traceability easier for software and systems development teams. Its unique traceability tools provide impact and gap analysis reports to use on a day-to-day basis.

Remote project teams can collaborate on projects from anywhere using PCs, Macs, or tablets. With Doc Sheets, your local or globally dispersed teams in different time zones can collaborate via a central repository and access data in real-time. It provides concurrency control and ad hoc workflow management tools. It is customizable for use with any process such as agile, scrum, waterfall, and more.

The user-friendly interface of Doc Sheets allows round-trip data exchange with several other tools such as Excel, DOCX, JSON, and JIRA. It also comes with an automated process that automatically tracks, monitors, and maintains data flow across projects without any manual effort. Thus, the software helps to reduce time, errors, and human effort to control projects and improve the quality of your products.


About the Company: 

Goda Software is a US-based software company that provides expert life cycle solutions to develop products (software, embedded systems, medical devices, and more). Established in 2000, Goda Software has been helping its clients worldwide manage their projects most affordably and efficiently. For any further information or inquiry, you may visit