Doc Sheets Features

Unbelievably Simple yet Extremely Effective

Doc Sheets makes it incredibly simple to create project artifacts (requirements, tasks, use cases, bugs, and more) and maintain traceability between them.

Now you don’t have to keep switching from one tool to another for life-cycle management or be constrained by whatever limited set of artifacts your management system will require.

With Doc Sheets, you decide what artifacts you want and create them easily. In addition, Doc Sheets’ integrated framework helps you improve quality and promote compliance throughout the development process.

Work Items

Doc Sheets is a scalable repository-based lifecycle management solution for specificationanalysis, testing, and project management. The approach is results-driven, promoting effective communication among project stakeholders.
With Doc Sheets, every aspect is customizable. Customization is completely straightforward.

  • Create artifact templates (requirements, user stories, tasks, etc.) with standard attributes, unlimited custom attributes, and custom formula fields
  • Reuse artifact templates across projectsAutomatically identify artifact items with user-defined prefixes
  • Reuse artifact items across projects
  • Use parent-child relationships to create hierarchical list of artifact items
    Establish peer-to-peer links among different artifact items
  • Attach files, documents, and models to artifact items
  • Automatically track artifacts items versions and roll back to any previous version
  • Use electronic signatures for an approval process

Process: You can easily configure Doc Sheets to work with any process (agile, scrum, waterfall, or custom, etc.).

Development: You can use Doc Sheets for all development projects (software development, system development, medical devices, product development, embedded systems, etc.).

Testing & Quality

Attain the desired level of quality of your product by using Doc Sheets’ simple integrated framework. With Doc Sheets, you can create test cases that match your required templates. In addition, Doc Sheets allows you to:

  • Link test cases to requirements and other artifacts (use cases, bugs, etc.)
  • Find the impact of requirements changes on test cases with awarding winning traceability tools.
  • Manage the status of test cases with advanced analysis tools.
  • Optionally relate test cases to design elements.
  • Automatically maintain versions of test cases

Automatic Change Management

Using integrated automatic change management tools, you can effectively manage change.


Doc Sheets provides a collaborative environment where project stakeholders (users, project managers, analysts, software developers) can share a shared pool of project information securely. Its features allow:

Advanced Analysis

Say goodbye to traceability gaps. Your traceability has never been this easier. With Doc Sheets advanced tabular analysis tools and award-winning traceability analysis tools, you can:

Manage Change Automatically

Manage change effectively by using integrated change and configuration management tools that include user access control, automatic history tracking, artifact locking, artifact deactivation, and the automatic creation of project baselines that support incremental development.

Manage Files and Documents Seamlessly

Doc Sheets provides a central repository to manage and share project files and documents with your team.

Interface with Other Tools

Doc Sheets enables the round trip exchange of data with various files and tools.

Check the benefits of Doc Sheets here.