The Global Leader in Requirements Management Software

Make Complex Requirements Management Simple

Doc Sheets is a groundbreaking requirements management software designed to enhance project management experiences. It features a user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and flexible features, aiming to simplify the process of managing and tracking requirements.

Key Features:

Flexible Specification & Document Generation:

  • Automatic Document Import: Import existing Word documents while maintaining layout.
  • Automatic Document Generation: Generate specification documents with a table of contents.
  • Use any Specification Method: Supports Agile and non-Agile methods, including user stories, use cases, and hierarchical requirements lists.

Attachments: Attach files or documents to any requirement, supported by a comprehensive document/file management system.

Requirements Documentation: Create list reports with custom filters, drag-and-drop grouping, and multi-column sorting. Reports can be exported or printed in customizable PDF formats.

Requirements Lists: View subsets of requirements using customizable filters, with options for analysis and reporting.

Requirements Tracing: Offers total lifecycle traceability of requirements, linking them to other project components, files, or diagrams. Unique features include multi-level/bi-directional traceability, link types for managing relationships, and impact-of-change reporting.

Requirements Metrics: Includes graphs and grid summary calculations, with options to export requirements for further analysis.

Multi-Project and Multi-Product Support: Manage requirements for single or multiple products concurrently.

Interface with Other Tools: Provides export and import utilities for data exchange with various files, tools, and databases.

Requirements Changes and Baselines: Automatic maintenance of requirement versions and changes, with built-in baselining and change management features.

Reuse: Reuse customized requirements structures across projects by creating templates.

Access Control and Security: Offers limited access options for external staff and built-in encryption for secure data transfer.

Requirements Releases: Integrated framework for smooth flow of requirements to releases.

Process Independent: Compatible with any lifecycle process, including Scrum, V-model, Agile, Waterfall, or Hybrid.

Effective Project Control: Tracks requirements to manage projects effectively, ensuring progress meets schedule, cost, and quality goals.

Technical and Other Benefits: Easy deployment for local and globally dispersed teams, with an enterprise-embedded database requiring minimal administration.

Doc Sheets positions itself as more than just a tool, but as a partner in efficient project management, where complexity meets simplicity and innovation meets functionality