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Why Doc Sheet?

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reason to choose us
  • Software with unparalleled user-friendliness, intuitiveness, and flexibility.
  • Work with requirements using multiple views (tree, grid, flow, card, and document).
  • Save time by auto-importing documents from spreadsheets and Word documents.
  • Generate specification documents with a table of contents automatically.
  • The system is fast and secure.
  • Work from anywhere with a PC, Mac, or tablet.

Flexible Specification & Document Generation

Automatic Document Import
You can automatically import existing Word documents into Doc Sheets while keeping the layout of the content.
Automatic Document Generation
You can generate specification documents with a table of contents (TOC).
Use any Specification Method
  • Doc Sheets supports both Agile and non-Agile methods of requirements specification. User stories, use cases, and hierarchical requirements lists can be used to specify systems. 
  • Users can define their own prefixes for the identification of different requirements types.
  • Project stakeholders can easily collaborate on requirements specifications without geographical location constraints.
  • Doc Sheets allows an unlimited number of user-defined attributes (like priority, status) with properties to implement required fields, audit attribute changes, track the reason for forced attribute value changes & many more.

Requirements Generation

Because requirements interact with every other phase of the software and systems development process, tracing the relationships between requirements and other project components is essential for effective requirements engineering and project success.

Doc Sheets provides total lifecycle traceability of requirements from inception to system maintenance. Requirements can be linked in any arbitrary fashion to other items (requirements, test scripts, test steps, etc.); files (documents, code fragments, etc.); or diagrams. For example, user requirements can be linked to functional requirements and, in turn, to test steps. The impact of requirements changes can be readily assessed on the overall system.

Doc Sheets is the only tool on the market to provide the following unique traceability features:

  1. Multi-level / bi-directional traceability (forward and backward traceability).
  2. Link types for managing relationships.
  3. Direct and indirect impact-of-change reporting.
  4. Matrix view for complete filtering and analysis for generating trace and gap reports.
  5. Exporting/ printing for gap, impact, and trace analysis reports.


Any requirement in Doc Sheets can be attached to files or documents, which can be stored and shared with team members in a fully featured document/file management system.

Requirements Documentation

Users can easily create list reports by using custom filters, drag-and-drop grouping, and multi-column sorting. The reports may be exported or printed in customizable PDF formats.

Requirements Lists

Doc Sheets allows users to view subsets of requirements using customizable, reusable filters. In addition, multi-column sorting, drag-and-drop grouping may be used for analysis and reporting. The requirements lists can be displayed in a grid can also be exported to Excel.

Requirements Metrics

DocSheets software includes graphs and grid summary calculations for requirements metrics. Requirements can also be exported as Excel files for further analysis.

Multi-Project and Multi-Product Support

Docsheets software’s project tree structure is completely flexible for concurrently managing requirements for single or multiple products. We can also use multiple projects for multiple products. Users may switch between multiple projects using a single user name and password.

Interface with Other Tools

Doc Sheets provides powerful export and import utilities for round trip data exchange with various files, tools, and databases. For instance, users can use JIRA, XML, XLS, Text (tab, comma, etc.), or HTML formats to import and export data automatically from various tools. Doc Sheets also allows direct import of data from Excel spreadsheets.

Stress-free moving

Technical and Other Benefits

Doc Sheets can be deployed very easily for local and globally dispersed teams.

An included enterprise-embedded database requires virtually zero administration and configuration.

Furthermore, Doc Sheets provides flexible, unique, and unmatched advanced requirements and

lifecycle management features – at a fraction of the cost of other development tools.

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